Friday, October 29, 2010

Tough into Thanksgiving

Tis the season!  The candy and baked goods and tamale season that is!  The time of year where more diets fall by the wayside than any other quarter.  It is so easy to say you’ll just enjoy the holidays and pick back up on the healthy eating and exercise come January 1.  I’d hate to quantify the number of pounds I’ve packed on with that mentality!

I want this year to be different!  The Christmas gift I am giving myself is a smaller size jeans, a confident smile and pride in myself!

I can count on one hand the number of holiday pictures I’m in over the last couple of years.  As the primary picture taker I have to consciously hand over the weapon and ask to be in a picture.  You can beat your warm glazed donut that wasn’t going to happen! This year will be different!  I won’t be thin, but I will be there!

In order to go into Turkey Day in the best mental place I’m placing myself on the 1st Annual TIT!  Tough into Thanksgiving!  We have four weeks people!  Four weeks to prepare ourselves to not binge, to not let one piece of heavenly pumpkin pie turn into days of gluttony!

For the next four weeks I will work out 6 days a week.  I (and by I, of course I mean my husband) will prepare food at home rather than eat out.  I will log my food and my exercise in Lose It.  I will try hard to plan my days in advance.  I will take my measurements and body fat % tonight and I will take them again on Thanksgiving day and I will be thankful for even the smallest of changes.  I will exercise hard on Thanksgiving morning and then I will celebrate the day with my family enjoying my favorite foods in proper proportions remembering that no food is “bad” if eaten in moderation. On Black Friday I will not lament any gain on the scale and will begin preparing for Christmas!

Tomorrow I will post my workout schedule.  It will combine strength training and cardio videos along with continuing the C25K training.  By Thanksgiving I could very well be running for a full 20 minutes at one time.  THAT would be worth celebrating! 

I just noticed every paragraph ends with an exclamation point.  That's just funny! 

How do you handle the holiday temptations? 

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