Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nellie is the house!

Nellie, of the negative variety!

She is really getting on my last nerve too!  I like to think that I'm usually a pretty positive person but the last couple of days I've been fighting all the negative thoughts in my head.  Which in turn means I'm fighting to not try and shut them up by drowning them in fat and sugar! I'm going to get them all out here and them hopefully leave them behind me!

  • you've still got close to SEVENTY pounds to lose, you aren't even half way "there"
  • besides, when you do get "there" you will have so much loose flabby skin you will still look fat
  • even plastic surgery can't fix those arms
  • speaking of arms that wave in the wind, you haven't lost inches in those or your calves, whats up with that?
  • what makes you think you'll be able to maintain this weight, we've been down this road dozens of times before
  • the cruise is just 18 weeks away, with Thanksgiving and Christmas in between, just settle for this weight
  • you worked out two times in one day and ate right on plan and gained two pounds, why not just sit on the couch tonight
In my rational mind I know there are just as many positives, but today, today I'm fighting to get Nellie out!  Unlucky for her I'm still big enough to sit on her sorry butt! 

I weigh in tomorrow.  I'm not hopeful for a loss, and this roller coaster is driving me insane.  Maybe I'll pluck my eyebrows and scrub the dead skin off my feet instead of watching The Biggest Loser tonight!  That should be good for .2 pounds!

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  1. Goodness I hate that "voice" that sometimes talks to us and brings us down. It's hard to stifle it but as you continue to see success and expose yourself to beauty on your journey you WILL stifle it. Keep on keepin' on girl. You're dong great.