Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm breaking the cycle

I have to admit I had a wonderful weekend! Don't tell my husband I said so though, he may try to make me go camping again!

My husband has tried to get me to go tent camping for the last 8 years. I've come up with every excuse out there not to. As a young girl I camped with the Girl Scouts often and loved it. The rougher the conditions the better. I can remember camping when it was so cold that we would put big rocks in the fire, wrap them in a towel when they got hot and put them in the bottom of our sleeping bags to warm them up! I can also remember as an adult having the stupendous idea to go camping over Memorial Day weekend. In Texas. It averages 180 degrees in May in Texas! We drove to East Texas, found a camp ground and managed to pitch the tent. The next day we got up to take a shower and were so sweaty from trying to dress in the heat we needed another shower! We took down the tent and went to find a hotel!

This trip was for my daughters Girl Scout troop, and I couldn't be that wimpy mom that said no! I dreaded it for weeks. Even to the point that when my son had an upset stomach on Thursday night I almost hoped it was enough to keep us home! The weather here is mild this time of year so I didn't dread that, and times have changed and we travel with an air mattress so I knew sleeping would be comfy. What was the problem you ask? I'm by far the heaviest mom of the group. I've lost nearly 40 pounds. I feel good and strong and healthy, so why does this still even register in my head? Why do I have to fight to go? I worried about temptations of things like smores and chips and anything sweet that others might bring.

In the end. I totally enjoyed myself. I did things I wouldn't have even tried a year ago.

Not only would I have not plopped my rear in this bike a year ago, I'd have never posted the picture on the internet. And wow, I need to teach my husband to warn me to sit up straight! This picture is great to me though! I felt strong pedaling us up the hill (I'm taking a picture of my view along the way), I felt positive for doing something new and not caring what others thought. Mostly, I felt happy that I was doing something active with my son that he won't soon forget!

What have you done to break free lately?

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