Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spring in my step

I wish I could come here today and tell you how great I'm doing on my exercise plan.  I'm not.  It's really tempting to be behind the screen here and just say I did as I outlined and all is well, no one would know but me. Who would benefit from that though?  Not me!  And um, isn't this blog all about me??

I failed to plan well on Sunday.  I knew my evening would be busy so I should have exercised early.  I somehow had myself believing we'd be finished with trick or treating in time for the kids 8pm bed time.  It was actually closer to 9 when we hauled our tired rear ends through the door and after a night of little sleep I headed straight for bed.  Same song second verse for yesterday.  I knew we had dinner plans at my sister's house but I had every intention to leave at 8 giving me plenty of time to run and be cooled down for bed.  Again, 9 pm when we got home!  Tonight is my scheduled off night, mostly because I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser but I'll be heading out for a 4 mile jog/walk as soon as The Husband and son get home from baseball practice.  I do find I actually miss when I don't get my work out in instead of trying to find reasons to avoid it.  I pray this feeling hangs around for awhile!

A few weeks ago I had a revelation.  Skinny people either do not notice your weight loss, or simply don't know how to acknowledge it.  In my mind, when a skinny person sees me all they see is my size so I would assume they would notice right away when that size started changing.    2 of the moms from my son's baseball team are friends of mine and pretty naturally skinny.  As I've lost this weight neither of them has commented at all.  Yet another mom that is also rotund, noticed right away after not seeing me for a month or two.

A lady I work with is very athletic and quite thin.  I know its a conscious effort for her to always eat healthy and work out often.  As I've lost weight she hasn't mentioned noticing.  Today though, she said "I just wanted to say you look great!"  I'll admit there was quite a spring in my step after that!  I know it shouldn't matter if others notice, I'm truly doing this for me.  It sure is nice when they do though!

Who do you find you are most likely to receive positive feedback from?


  1. I think that my husband gives me the most positive feed back, followed by my sister who has also struggled with her weight. But sometimes you really want someone outside of that family circle to say something, you know?

    It is interesting what you say about skinny people not noticing - I have wondered about that myself. Or maybe they really feel like if they say something about you losing weight it will sound wrong coming from someone who is thin.

  2. I'd have to agree with Morgan my husband is great in giving me positive feedback. Also, all of the commenters on my blog as well!!!! I no longer count on those in my "real" life to say good things. I don't know why that is, but they are too into themselves many times to notice my progression. Makes me sad but then again, not so much anymore.